Tyvek Label:
Tyvek Label withstand Water, Weather and Rough Handling. They survive the toughest conditions from chemical drum tags to ski passes. They are puncture-proof, water-proof, mildew resistant and not affected by most chemicals.

Tyvek Tag:
Tyvek tags can be stitched to the bags. One or multiple tags can be provided. Tyvek tags are utilized for labeling of the product and generally accommodate date and compliance stamps. Tyvek tags are:
– Tear, water and weather resistant.
– Flexible – resists continuous folding and flexing.
– Keeps properties across a wide range of temperatures.
– Approved for contact with foodstuffs
– Suitable for labeling
– Available in different size

Tyvek Lable

Tyvek Label

Tyvek Tag


Tyvek Printed Tag

Tyvek Printed Tags