Stockinette Meat Wrap Bags / Mutton cloth bags

Covering nets for cold meat Eastern Corporation: So that your quality meat reaches your customers Our Printed Bags are food graded colours and lat free. They are not harmful to the human body. Stockinette Printed Meat Bag, Mutton Cloth, Muslin Meat Bag are the solutions.

Some reasons to use covering nets for cold meat Eastern Corporation are:
· Hygiene: It protects your product from handling, transport, environmental pollution.
· To keep humidity in order to maintain weight.
· To improve the presentation of the product.
· To add advertising.
· To provide a better service to your customers.
· To better differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Stockinette Meat Wrap Bags Common Sizes Are:
For Lamb, Goat & Sheep: 12″ x 60″ | 12″ x 66″ | 12″ x 72″
For Beef & Larger Carcasses: 15″ x 86″ | 18″ x 80″ | 18″ x 84″
Customized Sizes are also ready on orders

Stockinette Printed Carcasses Bags

Stockinette Printed Carcasses Bags

Stockinette Plain Carcasses Bags

Stockinette Plain Bag

Stockinette Continuous Length

Stockinette Continouos Lengths

Stockinette Mattress & Cushion Cover

Stockinette Mattres & Cushion Cover

Stockinette Bean & Brew Bag

Bean Bag

Stockinette Bags (Without Tag/1xTag/2xTag)

Stockinette Bags